Virtual Look

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The following videos provide a glimpse into various aspects of the Stevenson program.

Each is narrated by the corresponding teacher or director. These standalone selections underscore the unique opportunities available at Stevenson and give visual meaning and literal voice to the Stevenson experience. Together they provide a window into our school. 


This video focuses on the intricacies of the neuroscience class taught at Stevenson. The sciences at Stevenson are conceptually rich, highlighted by classes like Neuro and Logic.

The therapeutic aspects of Stevenson are built into the structures and culture of the school and are woven into the fabric of our academic program.

This video focuses on physical education and athletics at Stevenson. Stevenson offers a unique array of athletic options for its wide range of students, featuring many accomplished student athletes.

This video focuses on fine arts at Stevenson. The art room on Stevenson's sixth floor is the crown jewel of the building, with open space for students to work and views looking north onto 74th street.

This video focuses on the performing arts at Stevenson. Whether acting in improv exercises, reading Shakespeare monologues, or taking part in school-run productions, Stevenson students are encouraged to perform.